EPBD: Industry leaders call for new building stock by 2050

More than 40 leaders of major European energy efficiency companies called on Commission President Juncker to propose a clear vision for the EU building stock to meet nearly zero energy demand levels by 2050.

The signatories of an open letter emphasise that our Paris commitment on climate change mitigation can only be honoured if the energy consumption of our buildings is drastically reduced.

For this to happen, measures must be taken to achieve a nearly zero energy building stock by 2050. Meaningful national renovation strategies are a key tool, as three-quarters of our buildings are still inefficient and up to four-fifths of them will still be in use in 2050.

Industry leaders stress that a "high level political commitment for renovation will give industry the much needed signal and certainty to unlock investments, in turn removing some of the market failures. EU wide leadership and action in the construction and building sector will spur European jobs and growth." Furthermore, ambitious building renovation programmes will deliver comfortable, safe and affordable homes. The revision of the EU energy efficiency legislation offers a unique window of opportunity to achieve this.

The PU Europe Managing Director, Oliver Loebel, commented: "We often hear that industry is not supportive of energy efficiency goals. This letter clearly shows that companies with very different backgrounds unite their voices in calling for a clear political commitment to stop energy wastage in buildings."

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